Monthly Soul Full Healings

Get nourished, filled up and activated to live the highest expression of your authentic Divine Self.

February 29th – This year, we are working on transcending the pain and struggle of the dense 3D earth and moving into ease, peace and joy in 5D. This month, the base chakra to help you connect and ground into your I AM Self.

Experience the Cell Regenerating Power of

Energy Medicine

What to expect

An opportunity for deep healing, release stuck energy, balance the chakras, retune your body, mind and spirit, encourage relaxation and wellness


At the end of each month. Attend by phone or computer. Replay is available for 72 hours. 

Subscribe and have unlimited access to healing audios along with monthly tools/assignment and guided healings.

Why attend

Enjoy Your Life Again!

Experience overall body healing, focused chakra balancing and focused issue resolving. This is an opportunity to move beyond your health symptoms to enjoy your life again!

During this vibrational healing and guided meditation...

* Powerful Energetic Clearing and Healing Release old Outdated Energies

* Clear and release limiting thoughts and beliefs

* Reset your Energy Bodies

* Imprint healing and new vibrations into your chakras and each cell of your body


* Live in peace and harmony
* Improve Health
* Reduce Symptoms
* Increase Life Quality
* Relieve Stress
* Feel at Peace
* Improve Sleep
* Raise Energy
* Improve Mood
* Ease Pain
* Experience Bliss
* Feel Grounded


“Before I listened to your class I got a healing that appeared in my dream state. So if you sign for your class you get the results even if you listen later. Thank you!”

“I wasn’t a believer in energetic medicine, but the morning after the session, I was able to get out of bed without pain for the first time in a year since my accident.”

“WOW! That was so powerful, words can not describe!”

“I’m still in bliss and feel like I am floating!”

“I felt like you were speaking directly to me in the session. This was transformational on many levels!”

“That was exactly what I needed. I no longer feel pain in my back and foot! I am so happy!”​

About Me

I love helping people awaken to their Greatness!

My spiritual and healer journey started 30 years ago when I first found meditation and was initiated to my first healing modality, Reiki.I now hold Master certifications in 8 healing modalities, have been initiated as a Hawaiian Kaula (Seer), as Kahuna Alana (Hawaiian Shaman of Awakening) and have been a professional Healer and Spiritual Teacher/Mentor for 14 years. I'm also co-author of the book, Dream It and Create It, How to Find Your Passion and Realize your Dreams, for teens/tweens. 
As a healer and mentor, It's been my distinct honor to witness profound transformation in my clients and students through my work. Some people have told me that my work was the most powerful and impactful vibrational healing they have experienced. I look forward to helping you exceed your wellness goals that lays the foundation to help you live your best life!  

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WHEN: Join me February 29th

TIME: 10am PT (replay for 72 hours)

HOW: By phone or computer

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Each month there is a new healing, new theme and new activation. People in the program love it. Space is limited. This is an opportunity to feel nourished, healed, pampered and awakened. You don’t want to miss it. 



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