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Ancient Hawaiian Healings was founded in 2007 by Master Healer, Kristi Stoll.

For 15 years, we have provided ancient hawaiian energy healing services, mentoring and teaching to hundreds of people.

During the pandemic, we shifted our business to online and our healers relocated to the mainland.

We now offer all of our services via phone or zoom where you will receive the same amazing energy healing.

What is Ancient Hawaiian Healing?

Ancient Hawaiian Healing dates back hundreds of years to Ancient Kahuna (shaman).

Ancient Hawaiian Healing uses the Healing Energy and colors of the rainbow along with ancient healing symbols.

There are at least 92 known rainbow varieties on Hawaii and each of them has a sacred meaning and connection with Hawaiian Gods.

Each color of the rainbow has a unique healing frequency and property which helps to heal all the energy layers of the body: emotions, mental, physical, spiritual and etheric.

With energy medicine, we work to help heal the core of your issue so that it can help bring the body back into balance and reduce or eliminate symptoms.


All of our products and services are rooted in Ancient Hawaiian Healing and Intuitive techniques. YippityDoo Founder, Kristi,  trained and apprenticed in multiple Hawaiian Healing techniques for 11 years, has been certified as a Hawaiian Shaman (Kahuna Alana), Kaula (intuitive) and has master level certifications in 8+ Hawaiian Healing modalities.

These are powerful, unique techniques you won’t find elsewhere.

Healing Vibes App

Ancient Hawaiian Healing in an app. Harnessing the healing frequencies of the rainbow along with sacred symbols, meditations, guided healings, affirmations, energetic resets and more.

perfect wellness monthly healing

Join Kristi each month with a new focus for a powerful vibrational energy healing session that you can attend online or by phone.

core issue healing course and coaching

Uncover the core of your health symptoms, eliminate health saboteurs, retrain your mind for health. This is an healing intensive where you will have resources, energy healing and one on one intuitive coaching with Kristi and create a health RESET plan to master great health.

ONE-ON-ONE HEALING SERVICES – Our one-on-one healing services are now done virtually.

Please contact us to learn more.

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To empower and inspire women to overcome limitations to live balanced, healthy, passionate, happy, soul-driven lives.

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