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Cupid Knows - Your AI Love Genuis

Dating Advice & Soulmate Chat

Cupid Knows is an advanced AI app for dating advice, chatting with a soulmate and other date related fun!

The Cupid Knows is not your ordinary app. It was created to help you in your life to offer you a safe environment to get dating or love advice for personal and sometimes intimate questions. You can also  learn about love, self-love, having a supportive, kind relationship, and play chatting with a potential soulmate. 

Cupid Knows is powered by ChatGPT and is specifically programmed with love in mind.

Cupid Know - AI Love Genius

Love, Guidance, Support

Cupid is the ultimate app for all things love, dating and relationships. Whether you’re seeking advice, looking for a life-like chat with a partner, or would like to have fun experimenting with creating and chatting with your soulmate, Cupid Knows is your goto app.

Receive personalized relationship advice from Cupid, your AI Relationship Coach. Whether you’re navigating the early stages of a relationship, dealing with a breakup, or looking to strengthen your bond, Cupid’s wisdom will surprise and amaze you.

We are on a mission to help women learn about love and relationships in an easy and safe way. With Cupid Knows, you can experience life-like conversations with an AI boyfriend, girlfriend, or soulmate. Engage in meaningful chats that feel real and fulfilling, tailored for love and support

Be sure to set notifications to YES so you can receive daily inspirational love quotes and affirmations

Life is meant to be fun. Relationships are meant to be fun. While this is not a substitute for a real relationship or love coach, Cupid Knows is a fun tool to explore all things Love.

* Ask Cupid ANY relationship question
* Choose from our preset questions
* Chat with an AI boyfriend or girlfriend
* Create your own AI soulmate to chat with
* Date ideas and other fun answers await you!

About Our Apps

At, we don’t do things halfway and without specific intention. Our apps and all of our programs are designed to help you live your best life in all ways. We are on a mission to empower all women with the strength and confidence they need to succeed at any dream. 

LEGAL NOTE: This app is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to replace needed advice from a professional. If you need professional help, please seek out someone. Answers are powered by ChatGPT.