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Health Back!

Healing Vibes can help recalibrate the cells of your body and relax your mind. When this happens, your body initiates balance and healing


You want your health back. We want to help. In order to do that, you have to make changes and make your wellness your PRIORITY. You can’t create wellness with old unhealthy thought, emotion and spiritual habits. Create a new wellness routine with Healing Vibes and give yourself 21 days to make this a life change. It is said that it takes 21 days to create a new habit.

Healing Vibes gives your body, mind, spirit and emotions an opportunity to reset and come back into balance. Using color, sound, sacred geometry, affirmations and meditations, it helps recalibrate the cells of your body. Your body is a magical machine. It is programmed for wellness and can heal itself. This is proven by simply seeing a cut heal. This knowledge is within every cell of your body, but when your emotions, thoughts and soul are out of balance, those energies get stored and create ripples through your system. These ripples show up as symptoms and are intended to get your attention to let you know things are out of balance.

Healing Vibes is a tool for you to use to help you get realigned and to help you create a new set of behaviors which align with caring for, nurturing and listening to your body to give it the attention it is seeking. Create a wellness routine and get your health back. Start your day off with healing by listening to one of the sacred tones or meditations. Then, use it throughout your day to help you reset when you notice fear, anxiety or stress creeping in.

If you want to get well, you need to make changes in your life. There is no magic pill. There are layers and layers of imbalance. Healing Vibes is a wellness tool to help you correct the imbalances and get your health back!


Use anywhere

Easy to use anywhere you are. Stop imbalance as it arises. Turn on the app and bring your mind and emotions back to balance. Improve your mental, emotional and physical health with use.

Life Changing

Retrain your mind, emotions and body to be in a state of relaxation. From this state, your cells activate healing. If you want to heal, you have to make habit changes.

Feel Your Best

Give yourself 21 days with Healing Vibes to notice a difference of how much better you feel as you start to reprogram yourself for wellness. It can be done. Make a commitment to yourself today. 


4 Healing Techniques
Sound Healing Audios
Ho'oponopono (Hawaiian) Healing
Guided Healing Meditation
Healing Affirmation Meditation
Self-Love Affirmation Meditation
Guided 3 min Healing Reset Meditation
Daily I AM Affirmation Notifications


Have relaxation and wellness anywhere you are throughout your day.


Bring your body, mind, spirit and emotions back into balance to initiate relaxation and healing with scientifically proven healing techniques.


Reduce Symptoms
Calm Nerves
Better Sleep
Raise energy
Reduce anxiety and stress
Aid memory and focus
Improve mood
Initiate Healing


Your needs are our needs. Contact us with questions or suggestions.

Giving Back

10% of profits go to local and national charities with a focus on health, wellness and passion.

The Science Behind Healing Vibes

Healing Vibes uses the transformative healing power of sound, color, sacred geometry and meditation to bring the cells of your body back info balance. When your cells are balanced, your body relaxes and healing can take place. 


Each of your cells is made up of energy which has been shown to have its own frequency of sound and light. When any part of your body deviates from its optimum frequency, that part of the body is out of balance or dis-eased and ultimately not functioning at its fullest. The science of sound and color therapy work by generating electrical impulses of energy which activate biochemical and hormonal processes in the human body to help bring balance back to the cells, systems and organs thus helping those areas heal.

Like an instrument, your body needs to be tuned. When an instrument is out of tune it sounds bad. When your body is out of tune, it feels bad. This is how your body communicates to you that it needs attention. Ignore it, and the symptoms can get much worse.

Healing Vibes is your own personal vibrational healer to help you get your health back!


Wow, this app really helps me calm and refocus at work!
Customer Service
The colors are engaging and soothing and give me something to focus on when I'm feeling overwhelmed and unable to clear my mind. It also helped my son fall asleep!
Dr. Liz

What are You Waiting For?
Get Your Health Back!

What we have learned through this pandemic is that our health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually need to be a priority. Make wellness a part of your routine; create new mental, emotional and spiritual habits; get your health back!


Make Your Life More!

Healthy, Fun, Active, Productive, Focused, Creative, Balanced, Peaceful, Rested


Our goal is to help you get your health back so you can Feel Your Best, Be Your Best, and Live your Best!


Love is at the heart of everything we do! We love you too! Feel the Love Waves coming at you! XOXO


Smile More! Giggle More! Don't take life so seriously. Connect with your inner child. She/he is waiting to guide you to joy and better health!