Perfect wellness

In this monthly vibrational healing membership, you will receive 1 powerful guided vibrational healing audio per month. The first 7 months, we will focus on each individual chakra, then move on to even more powerful healing and balancing. Regain your energy. Heal and balance your body. Feel better than you have in years!

Recalibrate, Realign and Reimagine your life.

Are you tired of feeling tired? Tired of 80% or more of your energy going out and nothing coming back? It’s time for balance and healing.

Join Perfect Wellness / Monthly Healing

Receive 1 new powerful guided vibrational healing each month. Balance chakras, heal areas of concern, open intuition, raise awareness, feel better than you have in years! We will start with healing the chakras and move on from there.

Perfect Wellness is an monthly healing membership that includes:

Benefits Include:

Note: Each healing will last approx 60 min.

This is a time for you to recalibrate, realign and reimagine your life. You deserve to live from a place of inner strength, love and joy! Give this gift to yourself today!

Join me, Master Healer Kristi Stoll, as I guide you each month through a powerful vibrational healing session. 

After 14 years of being a professional healer, I have worked with hundreds of clients and have perfected helping people to heal and balance. In each healing, I will take a few minutes to discuss the focus of the day and share insight and guidance. Then, I move onto guiding you through the healing with focus on clearing each energy center / chakra as well as  focusing on your main areas of concern. This is a powerful program to help you balance and heal yourself on body, mind, emotional and spirit levels. It is a monthly membership that you can cancel at any time.  

Stop living a tired, out of balance life. Join me today and rediscover balance and the joy that life has to offer! You deserve this!

Welcome to Perfect Wellness Monthly Healing!
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