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We put people first. Our intention is to help people live better lives.

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Our Mission

To help people live the extraordinary lives they were born to live.

Giving Back is essential to our mission!
That’s why we donate a percentage of profits to help local and national charities
to continue our dream of helping people live the lives of their dreams!


I have a double degree in management and finance. Out of college I worked for a Commercial Finance company. I had somewhat of a plan to keep working up the corporate ladder, but then, at 26, I found meditation and it changed my life. It was as if I suddenly woke up to the TRUE possibilities within me. I also woke up to what was not working. Like many, I realized I felt very unfulfilled in my career and life. 
By 28, I quit my job to pursue my dreams. I was happier and so much healthier. In fact, in 27 years, I can count on one hand how many times I have been sick with a cold or flu. I attribute this to my daily self-care habits.
I may have been a little ahead of the curve, but this story is not unique to me. Many professional women find themselves in overwhelm with too many things on their plate and not enough time for self. As a result, their mental, emotional and physical health suffer.
Since then, I have had a vision of wanting to change the world. I know in parts, I have changed many lives with my work, but I have a bigger vision than that. I want to help millions.
For the last 14 years, I have worked as a life mentor, meditation facilitator and vibrational healer being certified in 8+ vibrational healing modalities. I have worked with hundreds of people and have witnessed the life changing benefits of these therapeutic techniques. I’ve also experienced it in my own life. 
I have had a very interesting journey, from traveling across the country to interview kids to write and publish book for teens/tweens to encourage them to follow their dreams, to becoming a small business owner on Maui where I provided healing, mentoring and meditation services. Passion is at the core of everything I do and I couldn’t be more passionate about helping people. YippityDoo was born as an extension of my own I AM gifts and passions and as a path to help many more people find theirs.


YippityDoo is about putting a little bit of Yippity into everything you DOO! That means, live with passion, purpose and joy! Don't settle for anything you dread. It will literally suck the life force out of you and cause illness. At YippityDoo, I want to help you get back to who you are at your core; your strengths, passion, uniqueness, superpowers, truths, Divine Purpose, YOUR I AM.

I AM - I have spent years discovering, awakening and aligning with my own I AM. Now it is my passion to help others find theirs.