4 Simple Ways to Clear Your Energy and Start Your Year off Right!

By admin

Aloha Soul Family!

Happy December! The end of the year is a powerful time to clear out the old and make space for new intentions. Here are 4 simple ways to clear out the old and start the year off right!

Smudge your house and office – smudging your space is a popular practice that dates back centuries. To smudge your space you can use a smudge stick (purchased from a local metaphysical store), an essential oil spray or a candle. Using the item of choice, go through each room of your home/space (don’t forget closets) and smudge each corner. Energy tends to get stuck in the high corners so give those areas special attention. As you go through each room, have a clear intention of clearing out stuck energy and replacing it with Divine Love, Peace, Joy (whatever energy you choose). 

Clear out clutter – The end of the year is an opportunity to clear clutter. If that feels overwhelming, start with 1 closet, 1 room, 1 drawer. Do what you can. The more you can clear, the better you will feel. Then donate your items. This time of year many people are in need of clothing and other household items. Think of it as a way to make someone a else’s Christmas a little brighter!

Fire Ceremony – clear out the old and bring in the new! I use wrapping tissue paper because it burns easily. On one 4×4 sheet, write what you want to release. On the top write, Today I fully release…and then make your list. Be sure to include old beliefs and habits that are holding you back.

On another 4×4 sheet write, Today I set the intention to open myself to fully receive…and then make your list.

Once you are done with both, hold each in your hand and have the intention that you are releasing and also receiving what you have written. To release that energy into the universe, burn each paper separately in a fireplace or fireproof bowl.

Lastly, take a bath – Take a nice clearing bath on the last day of the year. Make is special with epsom salts, essential oils, candles, music, etc. This sets your energy and your tone to begin your new year.

Vision Board – If you want to get really clear about what you want to create, create a vision board to help you focus your energies for the new year. A vision board is a collection of pictures, phrases and intentions of what you want to create. This is a helpful exercise to help you get clear and to have a focus on what it is you are creating next year!

On the last day of the year, think of how you want to start your new year. Peaceful, calm, happy, clear – and be sure to BE THAT ENERGY GOING INTO THE NEW YEAR!

I started meditating in my mid-twenties and still did a little bit of partying – although meditation basically eliminated that from my life. The first year I was working with my spiritual teacher I told her I was partying with my friends on New Year’s Eve. She looked at me and said, “Is that really the energy vibration you want to create as you start your new year?” Hmmm…well, that really made me be more conscious of how I was starting my new year and the vibration I was bringing in with me. Think about that for yourself, your space and your intentions. Start the year off in a way that you want your year to feel!

Have a wonderful holiday season and here’s to creating an incredible 2023! Let’s hold that intention and vision for ourselves and everyone!