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Healing Vibes App

Retraining your body, mind and emotions to be in a balanced state is key to activating and achieving healing. Healing Vibes App has several tools to help: Color and Sound Therapy and Sacred Geometry - recalibrate the cells of your body; Guided Healing Meditations - walk you through activating, seeing and feeling healing in your body; Guided Healing Affirmations - I AM statements to help retrain your mind for positive healthy supportive thoughts; 3 min Reset - don't have much time or need a mind reset, listen to this audio; Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian technique for healing through love and forgiveness.

Perfect Wellness Monthly Healing

Feel better than you have in years with this monthly healing membership that includes: a focused monthly live vibrational healing each month, unlimited access to the replays of all healings, tools and exercises to help you work through blocks, limitations, limiting beliefs and dis-ease related issues, and resources to help with inner strength and other supportive ideas.My goal is to help you heal all areas of your body and feel the best you have in years. We aren't taught how to get through blocks and limiting beliefs, this program will help you do that and give you support to balance and heal.

Core Issue Coaching Session

Need help getting to your core issues and learning how to move past them? In this core health intensive:
* Uncover experiences that have contributed including any past lives that may be activated * Eliminate health saboteurs * Retrain your mind for health
* Receive guided healing meditations
* Create a RESET PlanThis is a 2 week core health intensive to help you become aware of what hidden core issues have been holding you back and how to move past them so you can get back to loving your life again.

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Our Mission

To empower and inspire women to overcome limitations to live balanced, healthy, passionate, happy, soul-driven lives.

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